Last November, Kent and Medway NHS Trust shared their “Transforming health and social care in Kent and Medway”. This morning (24 March 2017) NHS, social care and public health partners in Kent and Medway are sharing “our case for change”

Kent & Medway Case for Change

In addition, Kent and Medway NHS Trust have asked that we share the following with you:

You may have seen that doctors and health and social care leaders in east Kent published their own ‘case for change’ in the summer last year, and wonder how that and today’s publication fit together. The Kent and Medway case for change published today is consistent with and builds on the evidence we had gathered within east Kent, but also looks at issues that need to be addressed across the whole of Kent and Medway that we are now tackling together as part of the Kent and Medway sustainability and transformation plan programme

In east Kent health and social care leaders are, of course, still maintaining a focus on what the challenges are for the people they serve and the services we run in east Kent. We are doing that through the East Kent Delivery Board, which is linked through into the work of the Kent and Medway Sustainability and Transformation Plan programme. What is important is that we recognise together that no change is not an option, as you will see from the case for change evidence. So, we need to continue to work closely to understand, discuss and agree what a more joined up, more effective health and social care system should look like in the future, which is where our focus is and will continue to be over the coming months

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