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East Kent Carers’ Consortium is a Community Interest Company (CIC). In July 2010, the consortium developed out of an informal partnership between two voluntary organisations, both registered charities: Carers’ Support, supporting Carers in Ashford, Shepway and Swale; and Carers’ Support – Canterbury, Dover & Thanet.

East Kent Carers Consortium

At that time it had become clear that local and central Government and some other funding bodies were moving away from making grants, to asking organisations to tender for funds, awarding contracts in place of grants. This change also focused providers to deliver outcomes, stimulating innovative ideas and strategies, bringing a number of complimentary service providers together to best support and meet the needs of Carers across the whole of East Kent.

So although both charities are part of the consortium, working collaboratively and toward the same goals, each charity retains its own individual identity and area to enable a local and more personal service to its Carers. In addition the consortium currently has four associate members and will expand membership as complimentary service providers are identified.

The consortium is a collaboration of well-established local voluntary organisations, each having strong individual identities and each being able to deliver real, meaningful and local outcomes for Carers We believe working collaboratively enables us to not only seek out additional funding opportunities, but maximises the benefits of existing expertise from all sectors to ensure high quality and innovative services are delivered to the benefit of Carers.

Interesting Information

In 2013, the consortium was awarded a contract to support carers across the whole of East Kent. Both Carers’ Support based in Ashford, Shepway and Swale, and Carers’ Support – Canterbury, Dover & Thanet are currently delivering that contract on behalf of Kent County Council.