Having a life of your own

The opportunity to spend an afternoon doing something that you enjoy, such as a going to a book club, perhaps a painting class, or just having coffee with a friend. These are things that non-carers may take for granted, but can mean so much to a Carer.

We offer a programme of activities for Carers to enable you to do something you enjoy and have a break from your caring role. We can provide assistance with alternative care and may be able to assist with transport where required.

Our Carer Support Workers are also able to refer you to organisations who can help arrange short term respite from your caring role, freeing you to have a little time to yourself.

The free Kent Carers Emergency Card also offers reassurance that if something happens to you, there is a plan in place to make sure that the person that you care for is looked after.

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Did you know?

More than three-quarters of people caring for an ill, frail or disabled loved one do not have a life outside of their caring role

Many Carers are left isolated and lonely, missing out on opportunities that the rest of the population takes for granted.

4 out of 5 Carers have been forced to give up leisure activities or from going out socially since becoming a Carer.

Many Carers can no longer rely on relatives for support as these relationships have suffered as a result of caring. Three quarters of Carers surveyed said that they had lost touch with family and friends.

Other findings include:

  • Four out of every five Carers say they are worse off financially.
  • More than half of Carers surveyed say they have had to give up work.
  • Almost all Carers questioned agreed a life of their own would be achievable if they received breaks, a decent income and were given support in times of crisis.

Taking that first step may feel daunting, but please do feel free to call us on 01304 364637, or email us at. We would love to hear from you.