Free Training Courses for Unpaid Carers

We deliver a number of free training courses for Carers throughout the Canterbury, Dover and Thanet areas. Examples of our current popular free courses are:

Caring with Confidence – please call us to book

Caring with Confidence
Covers different topics to help you to be more confident in your caring role. The sessions are very much Carer-led, allowing you to share experiences and coping techniques with other Carers – engaging with each other and problem solving in a relaxed and friendly environment.

All course materials and resources are provided free of charge as are refreshments.

Finding your way. An introduction to identifying what caring means to you, exploring resources, benefits and local support

Caring and Communicating The best ways to communicate with different people using real-life caring situations

Caring and Coping Planning your caring around your own physical and emotion health and wellbeing

Caring and Life Ways to find some balance and next steps

Caring and Life How you can stay fit and healthy, looking at how you can plan your caring around your own health and wellbeing

Caring and Resources How you can maximise your income and access other resources that save you money as a carer

Caring Day to Day The basics of looking after someone, from medication to emergencies at home

If you care for someone with Dementia or someone with a Mental Illness we also offer two specific sessions Caring for someone with Dementia, and Caring for someone with a Mental Illness.

First Aid and Manual Handling for Carers – please call us to book

First Aid Courses
The Trainer Delivered by Cheryl Parkes of Angel Training, an experienced nurse registered in 2001 with many years’ experience and before that, working in both nursing, residential homes and Children’s day nurseries

Relevance These informal sessions are tailored to each Carer

Covering First Aid and Manual Handling techniques to safely do what you need to do as a Carer without causing injury to yourself. For example, when you need to assist someone in and out of a chair or on and off the toilet.

I’d really like to attend but I can’t leave the person I care for. We can offer support with respite to enable you to attend, please advise when booking a place if required.

I’d really like to attend but I don’t have transport. Please contact us and we may be able to assist.

If there are other training opportunities you feel may be of benefit to you, please let us know. Your feedback is helpful to plan future courses that may be of interest to Carers.

Brilliant, informative and practical. A very positive approach to caring and all that goes with it

A first class course of real value. Excellent content, very well presented. Glad I attended.